Market Maeve is Forest Grove's brand new indoor plant shop!

We unexpectedly came into existence during the 2020 quarantine, moving into the downstairs unit of Upstairs Yoga as a means of tranquility and stability during these turbulent times. Taking that leap of faith in starting a new business, no matter how passionately we felt about it, was a risk; and every moment we have been open has no doubt made it worth while. During such a transformational time in our country, we found Market Maeve to be our oasis. The small shop slowly became a place of emotional asylum for us and soon after became a home away from home. We hope this nurturing energy carries with you in every plant that is taken home and we hope to make this space into a place where our community can bond through our shared love of plants. 

We have so loved meeting everyone in our community who shares in our passion, and we can't wait to watch our leafy friends find their forever homes. Find us at 2038 Pacific Ave., or just look for the jungle!

Indoor Snake Plants
Indoor Plants


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